About Our Caravans

All of our caravans will run from an electric hook-up, gas bottle supply and leisure battery.  

In the first instance, an electric hook-up is always the preferred option where possible as everything in the caravan will operate well and without interruption. 

We appreciate there are sites or locations where it is 'off grid' only and so you have the gas and leisure battery option.

In this instance, please be aware that you will not be able to use any electrical appliances such as the TV, electric sockets and microwave.  The fridge is then operated firstly from the gas supply and also the leisure battery as a back-up. The hob, oven and cooker are operated from the gas supply as are the hot water and heating. 


Can I charge my mobile phone whilst off-grid? 

Yes, you can!​  You will need to bring your own 12v charger connector if you want to charge from the caravan but please be aware this will be very draining on the leisure battery so we'd recommend using the 12v charger in your car cigarette lighter point whilst you're out and about in the car or bring a charger battery power pack

specific to your phone.


The start up current can be 3 or 4 times higher than the running current causing a spike in electricity which may result in fuses within the PCB being blown. It could render certain aspects e.g. the hot water system, inoperable and could mean the cost of repair being retained from your deposit.

Some campsites/locations may not allow the use of generators at all.  Some will allow 'silent' generators which may only be operated between specific times of day (please check with your campsite owner).  

              What's included in the caravan?
         We aim to supply you with everything you'll need, such as.....


  •  Kitchen - cups/mugs, unbreakable glasses, melamine tableware, knives and forks, saucepans, oven trays, plastic bowls/jugs, cooking utensils, kettles (both a whistling kettle and electric), electric toaster. 

  • 2 Tea Towels and oven gloves (please note bathroom towels are NOT provided)

  • Vacuum cleaner (in some) and dustpan and brush.

  • Mattress protectors are provided as standard. See our 'Optional Extras' page for bedding hire.

  • Camping Chairs to use inside or outside of the awning together with the caravan table.

  • Flatscreen TV with in-built DVD player - please bring your own DVD's. (DVD's advisable as TV reception may be poor in some areas).  Please note, the TV will not work if you are off-grid.

  • Fitted Radio/CD player - please bring your own CD's.

  • Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors, Fire Blanket, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid Kit.

  • 240v electric hook up cable, Leisure Battery.  Please note that if you are pitched 'off grid' you may need to recharge the battery and most campsite owners are more than happy to do this for you.  Included in the hire charge you will be supplied with one full gas bottle and the other may be part used - should you completely deplete the gas bottle supply, you will find that you can obtain refilled bottles (where possible please ask for the 6kg 'light' bottles) at a your campsite shop/nearest garage/caravan dealer which will cost you in the region of £23-£25.  

  • Toilet Chemicals.

  • 3/4 size air inflatable awnings included within the price of a 1+ week hire. (see 'Optional Extras' page for charge for hire dates of less than 1 week).  

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