Optional Extras

Awning Hire (for periods of less than 7 nights) - £50

Awnings are Vango Kalari II Air inflated and

will be either 3.8mtrs x 3mtrs or 4.2mtrs x 3mtrs



Towing Mirror Hire - £10

If you are hiring on the self-tow basis, we can provide you

with towing mirrors.  You'll need to remember to take these

off when the caravan is not hitched to the car as it's an

offence to drive with them on.



Awning Annexe external - £30

Add the external annexe to the zip out end sections of the

Awning and zip in the annexe to provide extra accommodation

for another one or 2 people without losing space from the 

internal dimensions of the awning. For the ultimate in luxury, hire

this with our Vango Blissful Airbed.







Vango Blissful Deluxe Double Airbed - £30

Want a good night's sleep? Our Vango Blissful Double

Airbed will provide just that.  Works from a 230v socket and 

inflates/deflates in just 3 minutes.  Auto deflate setting detects any

level of deflation and tops up the air for you automatically.

This clever airbed has 3 firmness settings for medium, firm and plush!

Awning Internal hanging sleep liner - £30

The nylon sleep liner is another ideal solution for adding

extra accommodation inside the main body of the awning and

is ideal when used in conjuction with the double Vango

Blissful airbed











Bedding Hire - Double £20 / Single £10

We provide you with fitted sheet, quilt and cover,

pillows with cases and towel per person.  Mattress protectors are 

supplied as standard on fixed beds only.

Towel Hire - £3 per towel







SpaceCot - £10

The 'SpaceCot' is specifically designed to fit narrow gaps and are much slimmer that standard travel cots - ideally suited for the confines of a caravan.  The SpaceCot also comes with a bassinet for tiny babies.  Please provide your own sheets/blankets.





Bed guard - £5

Extendable bed guards for bottom bunks which attach underneath

the mattress for stability.

Electric Coolbox (Additional Beer/Wine space!!!) - £10


Useful Info - Q & A's......


Whether you collect from us or meet us at site, we will give you a comprehensive handover on the operation of the caravan.

Manuals are included in each caravan for your reference and if you’re really stuck we would prefer you to get in touch with us via phone rather than struggle - we’re here to help.

All of our caravans will run from an electric hook-up, 6kg gas bottle supply and leisure battery.

EHU Camping

In the first instance, an electric hook-up is always the preferred option where possible as everything in the caravan will operate well and without interruption.

Off Grid Camping

We appreciate there are sites or locations where it is 'off grid' only and so in this instance you have the gas and leisure battery option. Please be aware that you will not be able to use any electrical appliances such as the TV, electric sockets and microwave. The fridge is then operated firstly from the gas supply and also the leisure battery as a back-up. The hob, oven and cooker are operated from the gas supply as are the hot water and heating. Lighting is operated from the leisure battery, including the fridge lighting. To preserve the life of the leisure battery during your stay, we ask that you please turn off the power if you go out for the day or for any reasonable length of time (located above or by the main door).

Can I charge my mobile phone whilst off-grid?

Yes, you can! You will need to bring your own 12v charger connector if you want to charge from the caravan but please be aware this will be very draining on the leisure battery so we'd recommend using the 12v charger in your car cigarette lighter point whilst you're out and about in the car or bring a charger battery power pack specific to your phone.

Taking a generator?

The start up current can be 3 or 4 times higher than the running current causing a spike in electricity which may result in fuses within the PCB being blown. It could render certain aspects e.g. the hot water system, inoperable and could mean the cost of repair being retained from your deposit.

Some campsites/locations may not allow the use of generators at all. Some will allow 'silent' generators which may only be operated between specific times of day (please check with your campsite owner).

What time will my caravan be delivered on the day of my arrival?

Generally, deliveries will take place from 2pm onwards but this can depend on when your chosen campsite allows access from. We are flexible but please be aware that delivery times can alter according to other deliveries that may be scheduled for the same day. 

When we deliver we ask you to allow us an hour to set up your caravan for you, particularly if an awning is to be erected for you. Where possible, we do our best to arrive an hour ahead of your arrival to begin the setup so that you are not kept waiting.

What time do I need to vacate on the day of departure?

We ask that you please clear and vacate the caravan by 10.00am in order that we have the time needed to take down the awning and prepare the caravan for removal from site.  This also allows the campsite sufficient time to do any ground maintenance before the arrival of their next guests.

Is there a minimum hire period?

There is a minimum hire rate of 3 nights.  You are welcome to book for just 2 nights but please be aware that you will be charged for the 3 night minimum hire rate.


We use Vango Airbeam 'Porch' Awnings which will be either 3.8 mtrs or 4.2 mtrs in length with a protrusion of 3 mtrs from the side of the caravan.  The awnings give extra space and we provide you with a groundsheet plus table and chairs (4 berth - 4 chairs provided / 6 berth - 6 chairs provided) which can be used either inside the awning or outside for Alfresco dining. Please note, the groundsheet is not integral to the awning and therefore it may feel draughty for anyone thinking of sleeping inside it.

The instructional video below has been inserted from YouTube to give you an image of the style and shape of our awnings and is particular useful for customers on a self-tow basis to know how to pitch and pack away.  You will notice that in the video, the awning is threaded along the rail from the back of the caravan to the front - we recommend threading from the front to the back instead as it will glide better through the curve rather than the tighter corner section at the rear.