Terms & Conditions


Eligibility & Licences

Drivers must be over 25 and have held a full driving licence valid for the vehicle to be hired, for at least one year.  A full licence MUST be produced at the time of vehicle collection. 


Vehicle Collection & Return 

The hire period commences and terminates at the stated times and dates as agreed with Pembrokeshire Caravan Hire, after this date rental will be charged at £525 per week or part thereof.



A current and valid driving licence must be shown by all potential drivers/towers of the vehicle upon collection. 

You will need to provide the following documentation at the time of vehicle collection:


    •    Driving Licence displaying ‘BE’ Entitlement 

    •    Tow car insurance certificate showing 3rd Party insurance to tow. 

    •    Tow car V5 registration document

    •    Utility bill or similar as proof of address


Booking Deposit 

A booking deposit of £100.00 is payable to Pembrokeshire Caravan Hire to confirm booking of hire. Balance of Hire + Security Deposit is payable no later than 7 days prior to the commencement of rental term.  Payment of booking deposit is required via Debit/Credit Card and final balance may be paid by Credit/Debit Card or Bank Transfer. Booking deposits are non-refundable.


Security/Damage Deposit 

A deposit of £500 for self tow caravans or £250 for caravans delivered to site is payable no later than 7 days prior to the agreed rental term.  This sum is fully refundable within 14 working days of the completion of the hire period provided the vehicle is returned clean, undamaged, no items missing and on time. The toilet must be clean and empty. We will deduct £50 should it not come back clean and emptied.

In the event any amount is not paid when due, the Company reserves the right to treat this as a cancellation of the hire by the customer, in which case our usual cancellation policy will apply.



The Hirer is responsible for the excess of £500 for caravans for self tow or £250 for delivered and sited caravans. In the event of any damage, including loss of or damage to equipment, damage to tyres, mirrors, windscreen and roof lights or windows, howsoever caused, during the period of hire, the cost of repair will be deducted from the damage/security deposit paid upon reservation.  


In accordance with the terms of our Insurance Underwriter, it is a condition of hire that self-tow hirers are obliged to pay £45 for insurance coverage to tow a hire vehicle from Pembrokeshire Caravan Hire to ensure and include loss or damage to Touring Caravans whilst on hire. 


The Hirer is to demonstrate adequate towing experience prior to cover, subject to 


- Hirers must be a minimum of 25 years of age (with effect from 15th November 2021 anyone who has passed their car driving test after 1st January 1997 can now tow trailers/caravans up to 3,500kg) 
- Cover limited to the hirer with adequate experience and no other.
- Cover limited to Material Damage only whilst out on hire.
- Excess increased to £500 each and every loss in respect of damage caused by hirer. 

It is a condition precedent that all Tourers are fitted with a hitchlock and wheelclamp whenever left unattended (this includes service stations).  All caravans are supplied with the relevant locks.

For self-tow hire, it is your responsibility, as Hirer, to inform your own insurance company that you intend to use your car for towing as the third party risk in respect of the caravan must, by law, be covered by the Insurance Company of the vehicle that will be towing the caravan. A current Certificate of Insurance for your tow car must be produced at the time of caravan collection.  

The Hirer’s personal property is not covered by the Company’s Insurance.

Please ensure you check the suitability of your car and experience levels prior to towing a caravan.  Weights and measurements of our caravans can be found on the 'caravans/tariff' page of this website and we would advise checking your vehicle and taking further advice from the following website https://towcar.info/GB/towing.php

Security/Damage Deposit Refunds 

Deposits are refunded in full provided that the vehicle is returned clean, undamaged, no items missing and on time. Un-emptied toilets will be charged at £25 for emptying and cleaning.

Refunds are paid after cleaning and inspection of the returned vehicle but within 14 working days of termination of the hire. Refunds would usually be made using the method by which the deposit was first paid by the Hirer.


No Smoking laws

It is now an offence for the Hirer to smoke, or allow anyone to smoke, in any of our hire vehicles and the signs displayed in each vehicle make this clear. The Company has an obligation to all clients to maintain the vehicles smoke-free and therefore, should the Hirer return a vehicle in which smoking has occurred this will result in the loss of all the deposit paid to cover the costs of taking the vehicle out of service for fumigation or cleaning.


Breakdowns & Accidents 

Every effort is made to ensure that the hire vehicle is satisfactory for the purpose of hire and in a safe and roadworthy condition when it leaves Company premises.

The Hirer is responsible for notifying to the Company any fault as soon as it becomes apparent in order that the Company may make reasonable efforts to perform its obligations under the hire contract. The Company will only accept liability for reasonable expenses occurred by the hirer where these conditions are complied with. In these circumstances instructions for the necessary repair or the purchase of replacement faulty parts at a cost not exceeding £50 may be given by the Hirer who will be reimbursed after presentation of receipted invoices. Approval from the Company must be obtained in respect of repairs or replacements in excess of £50.

The Company can accept no liability for accommodation charges, replacement vehicle costs or other claims arising from breakdown, accident or other causes.

All accidents should be reported immediately by telephone to 07555 361698. A completed Accident Report Form must be produced at the termination of the hire.


Rear Number Plates for Caravans

A rear number plate for the caravan to match the tow car must be provided by the hirer and fixed to the caravan before leaving the Company premises. Current legislation requires specific documentation, such as driving licence and tow-vehicle registration document, to be produced by the Hirer. 


Limitations, Liabilities and Cancellations 

The Hirer shall not :-

1. Tow or allow the vehicle to be towed at a speed in excess of the legal limit.

2. Allow the vehicle to be towed by any other person except authorised members of his own party who possess a current, valid driving licence and who are eligible to tow.

3. Lend or hire the vehicle to a third party.

4. Create a lien on the vehicle for repairs or for any other reason.


 The Company reserves the right to :-

1. Make reasonable changes to the rates and conditions of hire at any time up to the point of written acceptance by the hirer.

2. Substitute another caravan or cancel the hire in the event of :- 

       a)  A caravan being returned damaged resulting in its unsuitability for hire. 

       b)  The late return by a previous hirer.

3. Refuse a hire to any individual who is reasonably considered unsuitable to undertake the hire. In such circumstances the intended Hirer shall be entitled to request a refund of monies paid, which will not be unreasonably withheld by the Company.


Pembrokeshire Caravan Hire Liability

Pembrokeshire Caravan Hire shall bear no liability in respect of damage by Pembrokeshire Caravan Hire to the hirer's property in respect of which the hirer shall claim against their insurers. Subject as expressly provided in these conditions, all warranties, conditions or other terms implied in statute or common law are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law in respect of death or personnel injury caused by Pembrokeshire Caravan Hire's negligence and save as otherwise set out in these conditions, Pembrokeshire Caravan Hire shall not be liable to the hirer by reason or any of the company’s representation's or any implied warranty, condition or other item or any duty at common law or under the express terms of the contract or for any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage whether or not such a loss or damage was reasonably foreseeable (whether for loss or profit or otherwise) costs, expenses or other claims of compensation whatsoever (and whether caused by negligence) costs, expenses or other claims of compensation whatsoever (and whether caused by negligence of Pembrokeshire Caravan Hire (or its employees, subcontractors or otherwise) which arises out of or in connection with the supply of goods and or services or in the case of goods their use or resale by the hirer and the entire liability of Pembrokeshire Caravan Hire under or in connection with the contract shall not exceed the price of the goods or services as appropriate or the amount of cover afforded by Pembrokeshire Caravan Hire's insurance (whichever is the lower figure). 


Pembrokeshire Caravan Hire shall not be liable to the hirer for any delay in performance or any failure in performance or any failure to perform any of its obligations under the contract if such delay or failure was due to cause beyond Pembrokeshire Caravan Hire's reasonable control including but not limited to acts of God, strikes, lock-outs, fire, adverse weather conditions, mechanical failure or the non return of the caravan to Pembrokeshire Caravan Hire by the previous customers. Please see our cancellation policy below for events beyond our control.


Pembrokeshire Caravan Hire shall not be liable to the hirer for any loss or damage arising from any representations, agreement, statements, or undertakings made prior to the contract other than other than those confirmed in writing by Pembrokeshire Caravan Hire.


Booking Cancellations 

Booking deposits and rental payments are non-refundable, unless:

  • the Company specifically and directly cancels the booking

  • if the hirer wishes to cancel and the Company is successfully able to re-let the vehicle for the specific dates booked. 


Events beyond our control 

Unless we say otherwise in these booking conditions, unfortunately the Company, as the service provider, will not be legally responsible or have any liability to you if the Company is prevented or delayed from carrying out our responsibilities to you as a result of events beyond our control and the inability or delay in carrying out such responsibilities will not be treated as a breach of these booking conditions. This means an event the Company could not, even with all due care, expect or avoid, including but not limited to:

  • strike, lock-out or labour dispute;

  • natural disaster;

  • acts of terrorism, war, riot or civil commotion;

  • malicious damage;

  • keeping to any law or governmental or local authority order, rule, regulation or direction including, for example, advice from the foreign office or other health or governmental or local authority to avoid or leave a country or a regional area within a country;

  • significant risk to human health such as the outbreak of a serious disease at the travel destination;

  • accident;

  • break down of equipment or machinery;

  • insolvency or bankruptcy

  • fire, flood, snow or storm;

  • difficulty or increased costing getting workers, goods or transport; and

  • other circumstances affecting the supply of goods or services.

No refunds are payable in the event you cut short your stay.

Hirers are strongly advised to obtain their own insurance cover to safeguard against such losses.


Event Hires

We are able to offer vehicle delivery and collection services. Please just contact us for details and prices.

In the event that, prior to delivery, the Hirer wishes to cancel the delivery services or the event is cancelled by the organisers then no delivery charges will be levied by the Company. The vehicle booked will remain exclusively allocated to the Hirer unless cancelled in writing by the Hirer. In this event our usual cancellation policy will apply.


Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales whose courts will have sole jurisdiction in the event of any unresolved dispute.